Monday, July 20, 2009

Eliza's Wedding

Eliza is Mrs. Adam Jenks. Eliza and Adam were married July 3rd, 2009, in the Salt Lake Temple. Thanks to Ben and Jenny Singerland we have some representative photos of the family at the temple--Grandma and Grandpa Slingerland with Jordan Slingerland, Eliza's four brothers, Josh, Ben, Michael and Peter, Grandpa Stuart and two cousins, Jordan and Ellie Jane Jeffries, Aunt Jenny Slingerland with Jordan, Mike and Spencer Jeffries, and Eliza's sister Margaret and brother Mike. Eliza's sister Jenny Rebecca Epting, Aunt Linda and Uncle Kent Miles, Uncle Mike and Aunt Elaine Hess, Katy Hess McGowen, Lizzie Hess, and Eliza's nieces and nephews were somewhere on the temple grounds but are not in these pictures. In fact, it was one day when our seven children and eight grandchildren were all together--we have pictures which I will post, eventually, to document the gathering. Many members of Adam's family and friends of both families were there also but out of camera range. The day was perfect--the only day in a week that it wasn't storming so the outdoor luncheon and garden wedding reception went well.