Saturday, November 14, 2009

Old Lima Main Square

These pictures of Old Lima and the Lima Main Square and Plaza de Armas were taken Wednesday, November 11, 2009. We had the opportunity to tour Old Lima with the North American missionaries who have been in the MTC for three weeks, half of their MTC training in Lima. The Latins and "older" North American missionaries had left for their mission fields. The Cathedral just above is Cathedral San Francisco (Franciscans), built and rebuilt in the 17th and 18th Centuries. It has suffered damage from three major earthquakes. One of the pictures shows the damaged wall and burned tower. An English speaking Peruvian guided us through the cathedral and the catacombs beneath the cathedral where the bones of some 29,000 lie in artistic design. The library, which houses an original Guttenberg Bible, could be a scene taken from Harry Potter. The other, more ornate cathedral is dedicated to Mary and is a Dominican cathedral. The birds and the families gathered on the steps of the cathedral reminded us of the feed-the-birds scene in the movie Mary Poppins. The ornate building with the Peru flag is the government building on the square.

Old Lima

This is a view of Old Lima from the highway and through the window of the large tour bus. We were invited to go with the North American missionaries who are in the middle of their six-week MTC experience. The Latins and the "older" North Americans have gone, but they have three more weeks. The Grobergs treat them to a tour of Lima, the main square, and a cultural history tour. Several times I have taken this shot from a taxi, but being up high makes the difference. I haven't learned how to photoshop yet, so this is a raw picture, but a good representation of what we see every week when we travel to the Lima North Mission office.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Lima Street Scenes

Lima is divided into districts. We live in the La Molina District. Every Friday we go by taxi to the North Mission which is in Los Olivos. We pass by Lima Central or the Old City. The picture in the middle is a typical scene--the square, boxy homes, many 10x10, some quite colorful, others quite colorless. When the homeowners want to add a story, they build another box. Most staircases are on the outside of the building. Often there are clothes hanging on lines outside on the roof which is an added story with walls but no roof.

The La Molina neighborhood pictures were taken early in our mission. The man with the delivery cart is one of many delivery men who carry all kinds of items: water, gas, log poles for bracing new walls, bricks, glass, cardboard and garbage scavenged for recycling. We have seen a variety of delivery carts--motorcycles with wide, shallow baskets or deep baskets and men on horses pulling carts. We wonder how the motorcyclists control the baskets. The baskets require a wide turn on these narrow roads. We have seen these delivery men riding along with heavy traffic. I will include other pictures of delivery men. We never cease to be fascinated.

The picture of the Lima Peru Temple was taken from our study window. The early spring day was unusually sunny. The temple grounds are beautifully groomed. The flowers are abundant and colorful--mostly variations of red.

Some La Molina Neighborhood scenes

Lima Peru scenes

From Lima Peru

Friday, November 6, 2009

A few more wedding pictures

Looking at those pictures reminds me how much Dad and I value our eternal family, family gatherings, and family news. To be honest, I am really excited to see the BLOG take shape. I am getting the hang of BLOGGING. So above are a few more wedding pictures--favorites. Then I will follow those pictures with photos of our missionary experiences.

The third "Second attempt" at BLOGGING

With three CDs of wedding pictures, surely I can add some more pictures to the BLOG. Then I will follow the wedding pictures with some representative pictures of our mission experience in the South America Northwest Area, specifically Lima, Peru, where we are living for 18 months.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Eliza's Wedding

Eliza is Mrs. Adam Jenks. Eliza and Adam were married July 3rd, 2009, in the Salt Lake Temple. Thanks to Ben and Jenny Singerland we have some representative photos of the family at the temple--Grandma and Grandpa Slingerland with Jordan Slingerland, Eliza's four brothers, Josh, Ben, Michael and Peter, Grandpa Stuart and two cousins, Jordan and Ellie Jane Jeffries, Aunt Jenny Slingerland with Jordan, Mike and Spencer Jeffries, and Eliza's sister Margaret and brother Mike. Eliza's sister Jenny Rebecca Epting, Aunt Linda and Uncle Kent Miles, Uncle Mike and Aunt Elaine Hess, Katy Hess McGowen, Lizzie Hess, and Eliza's nieces and nephews were somewhere on the temple grounds but are not in these pictures. In fact, it was one day when our seven children and eight grandchildren were all together--we have pictures which I will post, eventually, to document the gathering. Many members of Adam's family and friends of both families were there also but out of camera range. The day was perfect--the only day in a week that it wasn't storming so the outdoor luncheon and garden wedding reception went well.