Saturday, November 7, 2009

The La Molina neighborhood pictures were taken early in our mission. The man with the delivery cart is one of many delivery men who carry all kinds of items: water, gas, log poles for bracing new walls, bricks, glass, cardboard and garbage scavenged for recycling. We have seen a variety of delivery carts--motorcycles with wide, shallow baskets or deep baskets and men on horses pulling carts. We wonder how the motorcyclists control the baskets. The baskets require a wide turn on these narrow roads. We have seen these delivery men riding along with heavy traffic. I will include other pictures of delivery men. We never cease to be fascinated.

The picture of the Lima Peru Temple was taken from our study window. The early spring day was unusually sunny. The temple grounds are beautifully groomed. The flowers are abundant and colorful--mostly variations of red.

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