Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pisco and Cincha Peru after May 2008 earthquake

These pictures reflect the destruction and reconstruction of two small cities, Pisco and Cincha, four hours south of Lima, following the May 2008 earthquake. We stayed in a small hotel in Pisco a block of the main square. We were surprised to learn it is new. The old hacienda style architecture was deceiving--we thought the hotel was a renovated monastery. The rooms were simple but clean. The breakfasts were delicious--fresh breads and rolls, homemade jams, and eggs. Not many small hotels offer eggs, freshly squeezed orange juice.

There are some pictures of our boat trip to the Islas Ballestas and the Paracas National Reserve and our visit with the Pisco Stake executive secretary and the stake president at the church and also in the executive secretary's home which is also a small store. His family has a fruit farm and the stake executive secretary makes chocolates. He hopes to earn enough money in the next year to get his business license so he can sell his chocolates to grocery and specialty stores.

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