Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dinner at Mangos

This view is looking north from the restaurant Mangos in Mireflores, one of the coastal districts of Lima. The picture does not do justice to the dramatic jagged cliffs with the tall apartment buildings overlooking the ocean. This beach is not the kind of swimming beach with soft sand that we are used to in California or Oregon. The beach is rocky and access is difficult. Better swimming beaches are further south or north. However, people find accesses and park their cars on the beach. We have seen families sitting on blankets and towels on the rocks, barbeques hot, making dinner.

The Mireflores skyline is dramatic with the Marriott Mireflores Hotel and the Larco Mar Mall which isn't as close as it looks. The Larco Mar Mall is nestled into the cliffs and across the highway from the Marriott. The mall cannot be seen from the hotel. At the ground level is a beautiful park and gardens. Staircases and escalators take one down to the mall and restaurant level. The views of the coastline are really breathtaking.

We ate dinner early in the afternoon but we were there long enough to see a colorful sunset over Larco Mar because of the dense clouds. What would it be like to live so close to the coast you could take a walk every morning and evening with views like these. If Mireflores weren't 30+ minutes from the Area office and if it weren't so expensive to live there, the district would be our first choice for an apartment. The streets are wide and clean, and it's a shopper's paradise--it is probably a good thing we don't live in Mireflores.

This is the view south from Mangos which has open air seating as well as indoor tables. This is our second time to eat at Mangos. The first time was on Halloween.

Mangos sits on a cliff that juts out over the coast highway. We are standing on a viewing platform about 100 years away. I used the zoom for this picture.

The Chile Area psychologist (on the right) and her husband had planned a trip to Machu Picchu. Because of the flooding, they were only able to visit Cuzco, but they took a side trip to Arequipa, the city of white adobe houses. They brought us one of the two electric mattresses we had bought in Santiago . four years ago. The Chile Area doctor remembered there was an extra one. Hna. Cleverly and her husband are the office couple for the Lima Central Mission. We have become great friends. They are also friends of the psychologist and her husband--connections are a good thing.

Our dinners were just scrumptious. My salad was filled with fresh mangos, bell peppers, and whole shrimp. Dad had a white fish stuffed with crab and covered with a crab sauce. The next time we go, I am going to try the crepe-thin wraps Elder Cleverly ordered.

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