Monday, March 8, 2010

One Good Turn Deserves Another

About two months ago one of the North Mission office Elders told Dad his hearing was diminishing--he could hear very little of what was going on in the office. Dad diagnosed an ear infection and excess wax. As soon as the Elder's infection had cleared with the antibiotic, he told him to buy olive oil and put the oil in his ear twice a day to soften the wax. The plan was to wash out the wax the next week. The short story is the ear was difficult to clean out. Over three weeks Dad syringed his ear. The office Elders got into it. Every one of them had to have an experience with the otoscope. I was so entranced by the drama of washing out Elder Ortega's ear I forgot to get out the camera. So this is an after-the-operation picture.
In the meantime, Dad noticed his hearing was diminished. I had noticed he wasn't hearing much and wondered outloud if he needed another hearing aid. Dad figured he had excess wax building in his ear. Elder Steed, who is the finance secretary and probably a 3rd cousin, took a look after Dad showed him what a normal ear looks like. Lo and behold, he had excess wax. One week the Elder whose picture is above washed out Dad's ear which took several washings. The final washing was done by Elder Steed just last week. Some of these Elders have told Dad they want to go into medicine.

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