Sunday, July 11, 2010

Random Shots

These four, unrelated pictures are some fun shots I took this past week just because I carry my camera every day. On Saturday Dad and I ate breakfast at the restaurant San Antonio because their hot cocoa is so good. We bought some English novels and magazines at a bookstore next to the restaurant, and shopped for groceries we couldn't find at our local WONG.

The grocery chain WONG recently planted a sign to advertise the location of one of the stores. It's so much more attractive than a tall electric sign. Lima's grassy knolls are filled with ads like this one. Today I counted five really attractive grass ads--a bank ad, one for bottled water, one for milk, one for a brand of petrol, and another for a tile business-- on Javier Prado, the main highway to the Central and South Missions' clinic.

Our waiter must have thought our gathering was worth a picture because he asked if he could take one of us. The ice cream creations were really worth the picture and a pleasant rest stop after shopping last week. Mine was a creamy vanilla ice cream with large chocolate chips sandwiched between two dark chocolate cookies and swimming in hot fudge sauce. Theirs were rich concoctions of vanilla ice cream, manjar and fudge sauce. Hna. Seegmiller and her husband arrived just last week to work with the Perpetual Education Fund. Kay and I accompanied her to the mall to find a v-neck sweater for her husband to wear in the office building which isn't heated.

Pedro is the vigilante jefi. He collects our payment to have 24-hour vigilante service. When I went home from the CCM to SCYPE with the family on Sunday, he was on the corner with his children. Aren't they beautiful?! He asked Dad to arrange for the missionaries to teach his family. Before we even met Pedro, his eleven-year-old son had started reading the Book of Mormon.

His wife joined him for the second picture and the little girl ran down to the corner to "watch" which is what vigilantes do. They were standing on the corner where our apartment building is. As I approached them, the little girl walked up to me, put her arms around me and kissed me on the left cheek. Then the little boy wrapped his arms around me. I was quite touched by their manners. The baby is eight months old.

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  1. Say hello to Kay Beals from the Zimmermans. We miss our wonderful friends in Peru.