Wednesday, October 6, 2010

We Lived to Tell the Tale

Graciela, our driver and friend, is on the left. The girl in black and she are making plans to meet on Monday to settle on the damage to Graciela's car. The girl in black admits she is at fault and will, of course, pay for the damage to Graciela's car...on Monday. The accident was on Friday as we were leaving to go to the North/West Missions' clinic. We were a half block from the Brashers and about four blocks from our apartment.

Graciela explained to us that getting the police involved is a no-win situation. First of all, she would have to pay the police to investigate. Then she would have to fill out endless papers, be finger printed, and lose precious working time. In the end, the police would let the investigation lapse--after a week, the investigation ceases no matter what.

So the girl in black is left with this bumper damage. Her light still works. She is not required by law to repair the damage and she is not required by law to pay for damages. She offered Graciela the equivalent of $30 which Graciela wishes she had accepted.

The estimation to repair Graciela's car is the equivalent of almost $300. Dad and I were sitting in the back seat with Elder Brasher. I was sitting against the door. Sister Brasher, the Area psychologist, was sitting in the front with Graciela. The accident was jarring, but no one was hurt for which we are all grateful. We feel really bad for Graciela who doesn't need a $300 repair bill. Dad and I are helping her with the bill. Oh, did I mention the girl never showed up for the Monday meeting? She didn't answer her phone or return Graciela's phone calls.

This is the stop sign the girl ran--STOP is even painted on the street. Hello! The girl in black had a stop but she blew threw it. We have mentioned before that no one observes stop signs. No one uses the Left and Right turn signals. Left hand turns from the right hand lane are common, and lanes mean nothing. A three-lane highway turns into six or more lanes during the high traffic times. It reminds us of a zig zag pattern because buses, trucks, and cars are pointed right and left, trying to change lanes which creates chaos. Graciela is cool behind the wheel--she drives defensively. We feel quite safe with her...but what about all the other drivers, licensed and not licensed, including taxi drivers? So we lived to tell the tale once again. We really believe in prayer and we know we are being prayed for and blessed! Thank you! Believe me--we need the prayers.

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