Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Chestnuts Roasting by an Open Fire

These are a few, random, end-of-the-year pictures I didn't get into the other blogs.

This little girl was so cute with her family but we were most taken by her bright, ruffled swim suit which she didn't get wet. The picture doesn't show how beautiful her hair was arranged.

Dad and I accompanied the North Americans in the CCM on their mid-CCM-experience trip to Old Lima and the coast. The day was perfect. Just imagine--we are at the coast on a summer's day just a few days before Christmas. Still can't get used to the idea of Christmas and a summer's day--it just doesn't work with, "Chestnuts roasting by an open fire..."

Dad and Carlos enjoyed a good visit while we traveled on the huge bus to the coast and then to Old Lima. Carlos, de Cusco, has been the general manager of the CCM for 25 years, his first job after earning his degree.

Kathryn Ghent's birthday brought all the office staff and missionaries together for apple pie. Kathryn is the sister to Cousin Tim Hess's wife, Suzanne. We have cousins everywhere, even in Lima.

We really enjoyed the Jacquie Lawson Advent Calendar. We installed it on the home computer and the office computer. On the last day we took this picture. We'll keep the calendar on for next year. It's just too fun to uninstall.

After the Christmas Eve program at the CCM we had this picture taken with the President and Hna. Whetten. We will really miss them when we return home.

Our post Christmas FHE was such fun. We made gingerbread houses from square soda crackers. It was such fun to see everyone's creations.

Dad and I are quite taken by the typical Peruvian home, often constructed by the homeowners themselves, so we attempted to recreate one. Each room is a 10' x 10' sqaure brick square. The window is cut into the brick. Stucco is painted over the brick and then painted. Some homes have tile on top of the stucco. The windows are typically in front only. The watch dog lives or hangs out on the roof. The clothesline is on the roof. If the family hasn't finished the home, the rebar shows and the homeowners cannot be taxed so it is common to see unfinished homes and exposed rebar. We added the vigilante as well. We have two--Pedro and Carlos.

Christmas dinner was just a feast of beef, chicken, pork, sweet potatoes, papas pureed (like our mashed potatoes but thinner and sweeter), vegetables, and a choice of five desserts. We could choose three out of five! We have come to really enjoy the catering service. The food is consistently good and their service is with a smile. The salads are works of art. I have to take a picture before we go home. A choice of two fresh fruit juices accompanies every meal.

Graciela's family took me to Eduardo's concert. Eduardo (12) is Graciela and Cesar's oldest child and only son. He sings with the National Children's Choir of Peru. The Christmas concert was held in a cathedral near here. After the concert we met on the patio for panetone and hot chocolate.

President and Hna. Leiva, Lima East Mission, invited the missionary couples for dinner and surprise entertainment--a magic show. This young man was excellent! Here I am doing a card trick which I haven't figured out yet. Everyone but me knew which card he had picked.

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