Thursday, February 3, 2011

Kennedy Park, Mireflores

For 16 months we had been hearing we should go to Kennedy Park in Mireflores on a Saturday for the art show. Finally, the senior couples found a Saturday to go together not only for the art show but for a delicious pasta lunch at Glorietta's, the restaurant the Whettens found and took us to early in December.

The Mireflores Cathedral is the backdrop for the park and art show. The surrounding buildings are decidedly Colonial Spanish.

From left to right: Elders and Hnas Noall, Beals, Ghents, Seegmillers, Abeytas, and Slingerlands.

Many artists were "sticky" salespeople first and artists second. We just couldn't look at the art because they were agressivily pushing their pictures and telling us the subject matter, etc. When we hesitated, they talked of a "discuenta." We didn't buy any art but I did buy a pretty multiglass necklace.

The Abeytas sat for their portrait. They drew quite a crowd. Elder Abeyta, by the way, makes the best sopapillas and tortillas we have ever eaten.

If I had bought any artesania tipico, one of colorful, canvas-on-wood paintings would have been my choice.

This guy is typical of the street vendors we run into when we go to Inca Market, Larco Mar, or any other tourist venue. I did not buy my necklace from him.

Glorietta's is famous for their homemade Italian meat and vegetable sauces and homemade pastas. Dad and I shared a pasta sampler.

This musician was amazingly talented with his mandolin and pan pipes. We were happy to give him soles.

This is an alley of unique restaurants--Italian, Mexican style, pizzas, and cosmopolitan restaurants, not Italian food Peruano style or Mexican Peruano style, etc. The restaurants reflect the uniqueness of Mireflores and San Isidro where one hears more English and European languages in addition to the Spanish.

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