Monday, May 10, 2010

The Power of a Rose

Speaking as the mom of seven and grandmother of nine, it is hard to be away from home on Mother's Day. However, angels watch over moms...

What a surprise! After Reunion Sacramental, Presidente Whetten asked the Hermanas to stand because the Elders had a gift for us. Several Elders went out into the hall behind the stand for several minutes. Then nine Elders came in, each bearing a rose. The Elder who gave me the rose had the sweetest expression on his face--as if he were giving a rose to his own mom. He said, "Feliz Dia de Madre, Hermana. If I could have hugged him, I would have. He needed the hug more than I did. Another Elder brought me a second rose. I showed him my rose, and he said the second was a "regalo" or gift from him. Later we gave that rose to a dear sister who came to speak to the missionaries last night.

President Cardenes, the CCM branch president and counselor to President Whetten, took a picture of us. I asked Dad to get our camera as well. When this picture was taken, I still had tears of gratitude in my eyes.

There are three North American Hnas. and one Hermana from the Phillipines. She speaks excellent English with a heavy accent. I teach Relief Society to her and the North Americans. Her native language is Tagalog. She is learning Spanish in the CCM. The Hna. to her right, in the purple blouse, is from Nicaragua. The other Spanish speaking Hnas. are from Peru, Argentina, and Colombia. We come to know these sisters and many of the Elders well during their three to six weeks in the CCM.

This cute Mother's Day decoration was just inside the comedor. The flowers are dyed wood. The card reads, Feliz Dia de Madre.
The Mother's Day lunch dessert was homemade ice cream. Fun!


  1. What a wonderful gesture! Happy Mothers Day.

    I'm happy to see that you are working at the CCM. Pres. and Sister Groberg were good friends of ours (from my first mission and from our days as students at BYU), so we stayed with them at the CCM a couple of times. I would loved to have worked with him there, but we lived in Tarma.

    Scott Zimmerman

  2. Scott, thank you for your comment! We love the Grobergs too. We love the Whettens, the missionaries, and our service at the CCM which is an all-day service. What a way to spend a Sunday!