Sunday, September 5, 2010


Sicuani is an Inca burial site just outside Puno. The towers are the burial tombs. A body was sealed in the the tower and a level was added to the tower. Felix is pointing out the access or doorway into the tower. Imagine even knowing which stone to remove to find the entrance to the tomb. The first body was found just inside this opening. Another body was found a little farther up in the tower. The cemetary was field of towers. In addition to the towers there were great circles--sun dials or clocks which give true time even today. Even today the Quechua people use the grounds for sacred rites and occasions.

This picture shows the one of the larger towers. The blocks of stone are massive and, like other Inca structures, the great blocks are placed together without mortar.

Emma and I are standing in front of one of the burial towers. The top has crumbled. The ground is littered with the blocks and stones from the towers. Felix said some stones were taken to build other structures. The site has been protected since the 1900s.

This picture gives a better idea of the number of towers and their sizes. We hiked on a path that goes up and around the site. At times the climb was difficult because of the depth of the steps, just rocks in the dirt.

Ted and Spencer are standing on either side of one of the great blocks which has fallen from the tower. You can get a better idea of the size, weight, and shape of each stone and how the Inca fit the stones together to make the walls hold together.

Margaret is standing in the field of stones. There are more small structures off to her right. Also, a long stone wall is to her right.

Felix told us that the wall of stones is ancient but was constructed after the the time of the Inca which spanned 500 years.

These pigs weren't one bit concerned with us. We wondered if they belong to the family who runs the market and rest rooms on the site.

All the tourist sites have markets, some quite grand. This one was quite good. This is where Margaret and Emma found their hats.

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