Sunday, September 5, 2010

Some Inside Boat Scenes

Our first morning Javier came early, about 8:30am, to take us out on Lake Titicaca. Everyone was still feeling headachy and nauseated, but we had eaten some breakfast, drunk the coco tea, had a little oxygen, and were ready for him. It was cold when we started out but, by mid day, we were down to short sleeves. It was a delightful day even though it took most of the day for everyone to recover, especially Dad. we look like Grandma Hess and Grandpa Slingerland? I was a little shocked to see this picture. Grandma would get a good laugh out of it, for sure.

Emma found Coke helped settle her stomach. Actually, it settled mine as well.

As Michael would say, "Nice boat!" The bathroom is the door to the right--not so bad either.

The seats were comfortable enough to stretch out on for a nap which some did later in the day. Ted and Kate were enjoying some Dad and daughter time.

Hmmm Is our boat captain taking a nap? Spencer's at the wheel, lookin' good.

Kate is doing quite well driving the boat with a little help from the boat captain.

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