Monday, November 1, 2010

Celebrating my Birthday, Peru style

The office secretaries, Juana and Liliana, bought a beautiful triple chocolate cake from Don Mamani's, one of our favorite restaurants, to celebrate my birthday. I had told Kay Beals I wanted to pick up a chocolate cake to share with everyone, so she had to tell me the girls were getting the cake.

This is a great picture of all office staff we work with every day. Kay and Jack Beals, Area secretary and executive secretary, are on the right. They were in our BYU student branch and Jack was Dad's 1st counselor. Dalene Seegmiller is a PEF (Perpetual Education Fund) missionary. Her husband is not in the picture. Their office is on the main floor. Liliana is to her right and Elder Pino, 1st counselor to Elder Nash, is next to her. The secretaries celebrated his birthday two days before. Dad is in the center and Bruce and Kathryn Ghent are to his right. They are the assistant Area secretaries who will become the Area secretaries when the Beals return to Atlanta in April. Juana, Elder Nash's secretary, is on my right. We shared the cake with all who walked into the office kitchen. It was a fun day!

My task was to blow out the candles in one breath. Alas! A sign of age is lack of breath. It took three blows!

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