Monday, November 1, 2010

Stopping by Pisaq

When Margaret and Ted were here with Emma, Spencer and Kate, we toured the Sacred Valley's ancient ruins. Our guide led us through the ancient city to Ollaytantambo, an ancient Inca city. Pictures of Ollaytantambo are on the blog of our trip. On this trip with the mission presidents we stopped in the ancient city's town square for just a 5-minute look around. The 5 minutes stretched into 10 minutes, just enough time for some fun pictures.
I followed the wife of one of the Lima mission presidents up a steep sidewalk overlooking the ruins which you can see in the background. In August Ted, Margaret and Kids climbed those terraces while Dad and I toured the sights below and took pictures of the Jeffries who were scampering about like mountain goats. We didn't have an opportunity to explore the little city itself then so this was a fun experience and a different perspective.

This passage way is an untouched, 15th Century sidewalk, the only truly original street left in Pisaq. I wish we had had time to walk the length of the passage.

This woman let me take her picture. I offered her a sole, the equvalent of 35 cents.

This is one of the markets in the square--a market on bicycle. When were were in Pisac with the Jeffries, the square was congested so much with buses, trucks, and cars, the driver of our small van had difficulty turning the van around to exit the city square. This time the square was not congested. It was fun to walk the ancient square and look at the markets.

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